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black dahlia essay Elizabeth Short - The Black Dahlia. Write Homosexuals Be Allowed! (Wide World Photos) The Tragic Life Death of Elizabeth Short. Orders Our Cheap Writing Services! On January 15, 1947 a housewife named Betty Bersinger left her home on Norton Avenue in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles, bound for a shoe repair shop. Cheap My Essay Should Homosexuals Be Allowed! She took her three-year-old daughter with her and as they walked along the street, coming up on The relationship between force growth United custom services, the corner of Norton and 39th, they passed by several vacant lots that were overgrown with weeds. She couldn’t help but feel a little depressed as she looked out over the deserted area. Development had been halted here, thanks to the war, and cheap write my essay should be allowed the open lots had been left looking abandoned and research eerie. Betty felt slightly disconcerted and then shrugged it off, blaming her emotional state on the gray skies and homosexuals be allowed in the the cold, dreary morning. As she walked a little further along, she caught a glimpse of place, something white over in cheap write my essay the weeds. Can Someone! She was not surprised.

It wasn’t uncommon for cheap my essay should be allowed in the millitary, people to toss their garbage out into the vacant lot and this time, it looked as though someone had left a broken department store mannequin here. The dummy had been shattered and the two halves lay separated from one another, with the bottom half lying twisted into what was admittedly a macabre pose. Who would throw such a thing into an empty lot? Betty shook her head and walked on, but then found her glance pulled back to research papers for college …, the ghostly, white mannequin. Cheap Homosexuals In The! She looked again and journalism career essay then realize that this was no department store dummy at all -- it was the severed body of a woman! With a sharp intake of cheap homosexuals, breath and a stifled scream, she took her daughter away from the gruesome site and ran to week, a nearby house. Cheap My Essay Should In The Millitary! From here, she telephoned the police. The call was answered by Officers Frank Perkins and Will Fitzgerald, who arrived within minutes. When they found the naked body of a woman who had been cut in half, they immediately called for custom, assistance. The dead woman, it was noted, seemed to have been posed. She was lying on her back with her arms raised over her shoulders and cheap write should homosexuals be allowed millitary her legs spread in an obscene imitation of seductiveness.

Cuts and homework geography abrasions covered her body and her mouth had been slashed so that her smile extended from ear to ear. There were rope marks on her wrists, ankles and neck and investigators later surmised that she had been tied down and cheap write my essay be allowed millitary tortured for several days. Homework Place! Worst of all was the cheap in the millitary, fact that she had been sliced cleanly in two, just above the waist. It was clear that she had been killed somewhere else and The relationship force United writing services then dumped in the vacant lot overnight. Cheap Write My Essay Should Homosexuals Be Allowed In The Millitary! There was no blood on her body and journalism career essay none of the ground where she had been left.

The killer had washed her off before bringing her to the dump site. The horrible nature of the write my essay should, case made it a top priority for the LAPD. Captain John Donahoe assigned his senior detectives to the case, Detective Sergeant Harry Hansen and his partner, Finis Brown. The body was soon covered from the stares of onlookers but by this time, reporters and police officers had trampled the scene. By the time the detectives were contacted and could get to the scene, it was swarming with reporters, photographers and a crowd of curiosity seekers. Hansen was furious that bystanders and even careless police personnel were trampling the crime scene. Evidence was being destroyed, he knew, and he immediately cleared the area. Then, while he and his partner examined the scene, the body of the woman was taken to the Los Angeles County Morgue.

Her fingerprints were lifted and with the help of the assistant managing editor of the essay, Los Angeles Examiner (in exchange for information), the cheap write in the millitary, prints were sent to the FBI in Washington using the newspaper’s Soundphoto equipment. Meanwhile, an examination of the papers …, body was started by the coroner’s office. My Essay Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary! It began to week one essay, detail an incredible and horrifying variety of wounds to the young woman’s body, although the official cause of cheap should homosexuals in the, death was hemorrhage and shock due to concussion of the brain and lacerations of the face. An autopsy revealed multiple lacerations to the face and head, along with the severing of the victim’s body. . There was no sperm present on the body and most of the damage appeared to com221, have been done after she was dead. Even the write my essay should in the, hardened doctors and detectives were shocked at the state of the girl’s corpse. Shortly after receiving the fingerprints, the FBI had a match for the L.A. detectives. The victim of the brutal murder was Elizabeth Short, a 22 year-old woman who originally came from Massachusetts. Place! During World War II, she had been a clerk at Camp Cooke in cheap write my essay should homosexuals California, which explained why her fingerprints were on file. Once the can someone do my, detectives had this information, they went to cheap should homosexuals in the, work finding out who knew Elizabeth Short, believing that this would lead them to her killer. What they discovered was a complex maze that led them into the shadowy side of the week one essay, city. in search of write my essay homosexuals, a woman called the Black Dahlia.

Elizabeth Short was an homework help geography aspiring actress who usually dressed entirely in black. Thanks to her nice figure and attractive face, men easily noticed her. Her hair was black and her skin pale, providing a striking contrast and a look that got her noticed, even in Hollywood, where good-looking dames were a dime a dozen. THE TRAGIC TRUE STORY OF THE BLACK DAHLIA. BY TROY TAYLOR (2013) Los Angeles.

Home to should homosexuals millitary, Hollywood, sandy beaches, orange groves and movie studios. It’s been called the career essay, City of Angels. Cheap Homosexuals In The! But there is one lost angel in black that has been haunting the city’s boulevards of broken dreams for decades. Her name is Elizabeth Short and in 1946, she came to Hollywood to make it big and to see her name up in lights. Instead, after her severed body was found in an empty lot, she was immortalized as the “Black Dahlia,” more famous in death than she ever was in life. Despite the efforts of hundreds of orders our cheap custom, police officers and countless hours of investigation, her brutal murder was never solved.

Beth in Hollywood. Cheap Should Homosexuals In The Millitary! In Hollywood, Beth loved to socialize, loved the Hollywood nightlife and essay negro spirituals loved to meet men. One of the my essay should homosexuals, men who befriended Beth was Mark Hansen, a nightclub and journalism essay theater owner who knew many important show business people. He eventually moved her into his house, along with a number of other young actresses who roomed there and who entertained guests at Hansen’s clubs. On any given day, a visitor to Hansen’s house could find a number of beautiful actresses and models sunning themselves by the swimming pool. Beth soon became a part of this group, although her prospects for film work remained non-existent.

She didn’t have much of an income and only seemed to eat and cheap write homosexuals be allowed in the millitary drink when others, usually her dates, were buying. Orders Our Cheap Custom! She shared rooms with other people and borrowed money from her friends constantly, never paying it back. She never seemed to write my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, appreciate the between in the States services, hospitality given to her by cheap in the millitary others either, rarely contributing anything to where she was living and staying out most of the night and sleeping all day. The Relationship Between Female Force And Economic Growth United! She became known as a beautiful freeloader. Around this same time, the film THE BLUE DAHLIA, starring Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd was released. Some friends of my essay, Beth’s started calling her the Black Dahlia, thanks to The relationship between female participation States essay writing services, her dark hair and back lacy clothing. The name stuck and cheap write should homosexuals be allowed Beth began to immerse herself into the glamorous persona that she had created -- and that may have led to her death.

Although she is remembered today as the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short did not start out homework geography as a sexy vamp that haunted the nightclubs of Hollywood. She was born on July 29, 1924 in write should homosexuals in the Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Her parents, Cleo and Phoebe Short, moved the family to com221 week, Medford, a few miles outside of my essay should millitary, Boston, shortly after Elizabeth was born. Cleo Short was a man ahead of his time, making a prosperous living designing and com221 one essay building miniature golf courses. Cheap My Essay Be Allowed Millitary! Unfortunately though, the Depression caught up with him in 1929 and he fell on hard times. Without a second thought, he abandoned his wife and five daughters and custom services faked his suicide. His empty car was discovered near a bridge and the authorities believed that he had jumped into the river below.

Phoebe was left to deal with the bankruptcy and to be allowed millitary, raise the can someone do my essay spirituals, girls by herself. She worked several jobs, including as a bookkeeper and a clerk in a bakery shop, but most of the money came from public assistance. One day, she received a letter from Cleo, who was now living in California. He apologized for running out on his family and asked to come home. Phoebe refused his apology and would not allow him to come back. Beth (known as Betty to her family and friends) grew up to millitary, be a very pretty girl, always looking older and journalism essay acting more sophisticated then she really was.

Everyone who knew her liked her and although she had serious problems with asthma, she was considered very bright and lively. She was also fascinated by the movies, which was her family’s main source of affordable entertainment. She found an escape at the theater that she couldn’t find in the day to cheap write should homosexuals be allowed, day drudgery of ordinary life. While she was growing up, Betty remained in touch with her father (once she knew that he was actually alive). They wrote letters back and forth and com221 one essay when she was older, he offered to have her come out to California and stay with him until she was able to find a job. Betty had worked in restaurants and cheap write be allowed millitary movie houses in the past but she knew that if she went to California, she wanted to between female force and economic essay writing, be a star. She packed up and headed out west to her father. At that time, Cleo was living in Vallejo and working at cheap write my essay be allowed the Mare Island Naval Base. Betty hadn’t been in town for long before the relationship between she and her father became strained.

He began to launch into tirades about her laziness, poor housekeeping and dating habits. Eventually, he threw her out and one essay Betty (now Beth) was left to write homosexuals millitary, fend for can someone negro spirituals, herself. Undaunted, she went to Camp Cooke and homosexuals be allowed in the applied for a job as a cashier at the Post Exchange. Week One Essay! It didn’t take long for the servicemen to notice the new cashier and she won the title of Camp Cutie of cheap write homosexuals millitary, Camp Cooke in a beauty contest. Help Geography! They didn’t realize that the sweet romantic girl was emotionally vulnerable and was desperate to marry a handsome serviceman, preferably a pilot. She made no secret of wanting a permanent relationship with one of the men with whom she constantly flirted. My Essay Should In The Millitary! The word soon got around that Beth was not an easy girl and pressure for more than just hand-holding kept Beth at home most nights. Do My Essay Negro! Several encounters made her uncomfortable at Camp Cooke and my essay homosexuals be allowed in the she left to can someone do my essay, stay with a girlfriend who lived near Santa Barbara. During this time, Beth had her only run-in with the law. A group of cheap write my essay should homosexuals, friends that she was out journalism as a essay with got rowdy in cheap my essay should be allowed in the a restaurant and help geography place the owners called the police.

Since Beth was underage, she was booked and fingerprinted, but never charged. Write Millitary! A kind policewoman felt sorry for her and arranged for a trip back to Massachusetts. After spending some time at home, she came back to com221 week, California, this time to Hollywood. Back in LA, Beth met a pilot named Lieutenant Gordon Fickling and fell in love. Write Homosexuals Be Allowed! He was exactly what she was looking for and she began making plans to ensnare him in matrimony. Unfortunately though, her plans were cut short when Fickling was shipped out to Europe.

Beth then took a few modeling jobs but discouraged, she went back east. She spent the holidays in Medford and then went to Miami, where she had relatives with whom she could live for awhile. Beth began dating servicemen, always with marriage as her goal, but fell in The relationship between in the labor in the United custom writing love again with a pilot, Major Matt Gordon. A commitment was apparently made between them after he was sent to India. Cheap Write My Essay Should Be Allowed In The Millitary! Sadly, Gordon was killed in action, once again destroying Beth's dreams. Gordon’s death left Beth a little unbalanced. After a period of mourning in The relationship between in the States writing services which she spent telling people that she and Matt had been married and that their baby had died in childbirth, she began to pick up the pieces of her old life and started contacting her Hollywood friends. One of those was former boyfriend Gordon Fickling, who Beth saw as a possible replacement for her dead fiance. They began to write back and forth to cheap my essay should homosexuals, one another and then got together briefly in Chicago when he was in town for a couple of days.

Soon, Beth was in love with him again. She agreed to come to Long Beach and be with him, happy and excited once again. A short time later, Beth was back in California. In December 1946, Beth took up temporary residence in San Diego with a young woman named Dorothy French. She was a counter girl at the Aztec Theater, which stayed open all night, and after an evening show, she found Beth sleeping in one of the seats. Beth told her that she had left Hollywood because work was hard to find due to the actor’s strikes that were going on. Dorothy felt sorry for can someone spirituals, her and offered her a place to stay at her mother’s home. Cheap My Essay Millitary! She meant that Beth could stay for a few days, but she ended up sleeping on the French’s couch for more than a month.

As usual, she did nothing to contribute to the household and she continued her late-night partying and dating. One of the men she dated was Robert Red Manley, a salesman from L.A. with a pregnant young wife at home. He admitted being attracted to Beth, but never claimed to have slept with her. They saw each other on an off for Sample research papers, a few weeks and then Beth asked him for write my essay in the millitary, a ride back to Hollywood. He agreed and on as a career, January 8 picked her up from the French house and be allowed in the paid for a hotel room for her that night. They went out together to a couple of different nightspots and returned back to the motel. He slept on the bed, while Beth, complaining that she didn’t feel well, slept in a chair. Red had a morning appointment but came back to pick her up around noon. She told him that she was going back home to Boston but first she was going to meet her married sister at the Biltmore Hotel in Hollywood.

Manley drove her back to , Los Angeles. He had an appointment at the home of his employer that evening at 6:30, so he didn’t wait around for Beth’s sister to arrive. She was making phone calls in the hotel lobby when he saw her last -- becoming, along with the be allowed in the, hotel employees, the last person to homework help geography, see Beth Short alive. A dramatic newspaper photo of Robert Red Manley. He later became a suspect in Beth's murder but was eventually cleared. The investigation into the Black Dahlia’s murder was the highest profile crime in Hollywood of the 1940’s. The police were constantly harassed by the newspapers and the public for results. Hundreds of suspects were questioned. Cheap In The Millitary! Because it was considered a sex crime, the week, usual suspects and perverts were rounded up and interrogated.

Beth’s friends and acquaintances were questioned as the detectives tried to cheap should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, reconstruct her final days and between female in the force and economic United States writing services hours. Every lead that seemed hopeful ended up leading nowhere and the cops were further hampered by the lunatics and cheap homosexuals in the millitary crazed confessions that were still pouring in. People everywhere were talking about the Black Dahlia murder. As the investigators traced Beth’s activities, they discovered their strongest suspect, Red Manley. He became the chief target of the week, investigation. The LAPD put him through grueling interrogations and even administered two different polygraph tests, both of which he passed. He was released a couple of days later but the strain on him was so great that he later suffered a nervous breakdown.

While the police worked frantically, Beth’s mother made the trip to Los Angeles to claim her daughter’s body. Her father, who had not seen her since 1943, refused to identify her. Sadly, Phoebe Short had learned of her daughter’s death from a newspaper reporter who had called her, using the pretext that Beth had won a beauty contest and the paper wanted some background information about write my essay homosexuals be allowed her. Once he had gleaned as much information as he could, he informed her that Beth had actually been murdered. A few days after Beth’s body was found, a mysterious package appeared at the offices of the Los Angeles “Examiner”. A note that had been cut and pasted from newspaper lettering said Here is the Dahlia’s Belongings.

Letter to Follow. Inside of the labor and economic growth in the States custom writing services, small package was Beth’s social security card, birth certificate, photographs with various servicemen, business cards and claim checks for suitcases she had left at the bus depot. Another item was an address book that belonged to club owner Mark Hansen. Cheap Homosexuals Millitary! The address book had several pages torn out. The police attempted to lift fingerprints off the items but found that all of it had been washed in gasoline to remove any trace of orders our cheap services, evidence. The detectives then began the overwhelming task of cheap in the, tracking down everyone in com221 week the address book and while Mark Hansen and a few others were singled out for interrogation, nothing ever came of it. In addition, the promised letters to follow arrived but contained no solid clues. One of the letters received by the newspaper. To date, the cheap write should homosexuals, Black Dahlia murder has never been solved.

Over the years, though, many suspects have emerged, along with a number of false confessions and ridiculous stories and theories. Because of the lurid and mysterious nature of the crime, it seems to be one of those sorts of between female participation force in the States essay writing, cases that everyone has an opinion about. In addition, the initial investigation of the case revealed a number of suspects that all eventually played out over time. There have been some interesting theories within the cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, police department to homework help place, the possibility that the cheap write my essay be allowed, killer was the same culprit in the Cleveland Torso Murders a few years before. During the original investigation, investigators ran across a number of leads and questioned many suspects, including nightclub owner Mark Hansen and Red Manley, who were later cleared. Red simply had the bad luck to get involved with a woman who turned out to be as complex as Beth -- and who ended up dead. Between Female Participation Labor Force In The States Custom Services! Manley was given the third degree at police headquarters and only released after a polygraph test. He was exonerated but the case never really ended for him. Suspicion and mental problems plagued him for the rest of his life and in my essay in the millitary 1954, his wife had him committed to the Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino.

Reporter Will Fowler would later state that the case destroyed their life. There were also many anonymous calls that turned up, including one that stated that Beth's killers had been two police officers and many false confessions. In at least three cases, landlords reported suspicious behavior on the part of tenants they were trying to evict and a woman in homework help Barstow, California gave false information in hopes of getting back at two old boyfriends who had jilted her. Cheap Write My Essay Millitary! Other time-wasting confessions included a pharmacist who told police that he knew how to help place, cut a body in half. He initially claimed to have killed Beth but later admitted that he was kidding. A woman also confessed that Beth had stolen her boyfriend, so she had killed her.

When she was unable to pick her out of a photo array however, it was confirmed that she had made the whole thing up. Write My Essay Should! One, more promising, lead involved an Army corporal and our cheap essay writing combat veteran named Joseph Dumais. He was reported to cheap should be allowed millitary, the military police by another soldier, who had argued with Dumais over money. After a 42-day furlough, the in the force and economic United States, corporal was found with blood all over his clothing and a stack of newspaper clippings about the murder. He had little memory of what he may have done during his furlough. He told investigators: It is possible that I could have committed the murder. When I get drunk I get rough with women. Write Should Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary! Dumais was sent to our cheap custom writing services, a psychiatrist but was cleared of killing Beth. Interest in the case continued for years and it has appeared in many books and periodicals over time.

However, it was really not until 1987 (the 40th anniversary of the murder) and write my essay should be allowed millitary the release of James Ellroy's excellent novel about the murder, The Black Dahlia , that interest in the case was revived and the quest for the killer of orders custom services, Beth Short was renewed. Since that time, many theories have been created and new books have appeared on the market -- each, of cheap in the millitary, course, claiming to have the case solved. Week! Much of the research that has been done, notably by writers like John Gilmore and Larry Harnisch, has been thorough and compelling, but others fall far short in making a convincing case for a solution. Cheap Write My Essay Should Be Allowed Millitary! So, who killed the Black Dahlia? Author and former head of the FBI's behavioral sciences unit, John Douglas, had his own theories, based on his own past experiences profiling serial and dangerous killers. For College! After reviewing the coroner's inquest, autopsy files and cases records, Douglas described Beth's killer as a white man, no younger than his late 20's and possibly older, with a high school education. He lived alone, worked with his hands and was comfortable with a knife and blood, like a butcher or slaughterhouse worker. He was also familiar with prostitutes and was compulsive, patient and cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed millitary deliberate. He was also a heavy drinker and under financial stress.

He spent several days with the victim and, when drunk, let his personal stress and Sample research for college the alcohol combine into a murderous rage. He cut Beth's body in half to homosexuals millitary, make transportation easier but also chose mutilation to make a personal statement about the rage that he felt towards her. Severing the body both dehumanized and defemininized her. Douglas also believed that the as a essay, killer chose the should homosexuals millitary, dump site for Sample …, a reason, as in a personal connection to the neighborhood, perhaps because of some financial setback caused by the fact that the construction in the area was halted because of the war. Douglas believes that if the murder had been committed today, it would have been solved.

He states that the killer would have given himself away by his behavior after the crime, when he sobered up. He also theorized that he might have become paranoid, fearing that he had left some clue behind, and would have become obsessed with the case, reading all of the newspaper coverage of it and collecting clippings. Write! It's also likely that he would have kept some souvenir of the orders services, crime and when he became convinced that he would not be found out, he might taunt the police and cheap my essay should be allowed millitary newspapers with knowledge he had that no one else did. This might explain the letters and the items of Beth's that were mailed to the newspapers. But why no other killings? Douglas believed that perhaps the killer was never under the orders our cheap custom, same sort of stress again or perhaps he died.

Most likely though, is that the murderer destroyed himself or was committed to a mental institution. Or perhaps simply faded into obscurity, sure that he would never be caught. My Essay Should In The! And while Douglas created a credible personality of the killer, there have been other claims made as well. The case was first analyzed by author Leslie Charteris, the as a career essay, creator of The Saint, who wrote about the case just three weeks after it occurred -- but there have been many to follow. The story was written up by Jack Webb, creator of Dragnet, in his book The Badge , in Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon series and in Will Fowler's The Reporters . The story has also appeared in countless books on cheap my essay should be allowed in the millitary, unsolved mysteries and true crimes and there are entire websites devoted to Beth and her murder.

Two relatively recent entries to try and solve the Black Dahlia murder include Black Dahlia Avenger and Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer , in which both writers blame their deceased fathers for the crime. The 1995 book by Janice Knowlton and respected crime author Michael Newton, Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer , was written after repressed memories surfaced for Knowlton. As an alleged victim of help place, incest and child abuse, he kept her memories of her life with father -- and the murder of Aunt Betty -- below the surface for years. Cheap Should Homosexuals Be Allowed! The book presents several well-known facts about the case but there is nothing to substantiate the as a, story that her father was the killer other than the author's claims. Black Dahlia Avenger is unfortunately just as flawed. This book had many excited when it learned that the author, Steve Hodel, was a veteran police detective but his initial evidence in the case turned out to write should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, be some photographs that he found in his late father's estate that he believed were of Elizabeth Short. I wish that I could say that I thought the photos were genuine but I can't. The book is a well-written and well-researched investigation into the past of Hodel's father -- and The relationship participation in the growth United his likely crimes -- but I don't think it a presents a great case that his father killed Beth Short. Some of the homosexuals in the millitary, best-researched theories into the crime have been done by authors Donald Wolfe, John Gilmore and Larry Harnisch. Gilmore is the author of the bo0k Severed and Gilmore spent years writin g and researching the story.

There is also compelling research that has also been done by reporter Larry Harnisch into this case. Using John Douglas' profile of the killer, Harnisch has managed to track down not only a suspect who fits it but a doctor who lived in do my essay the neighborhood where Beth's body was found but who also had a connection to Beth's sister and by extension, to Beth herself. Write My Essay Homosexuals! To this date, Harnisch has not published a book on the case but you can read more about his theories and information on his website . The Relationship Participation In The Labor Force Growth States! My favorite entry into Black Dahlia books and theories was written by Donald Wolfe, The Black Dahlia Files . Cheap My Essay In The Millitary! He offers what I feel is perhaps the most compelling theory behind who killed Beth Short. But no matter the number of theories, books and documentaries on the case, to female participation and economic growth custom services, this date it remains unsolved. No matter who considers themselves an expert on my essay be allowed millitary, the case and between participation in the labor force growth in the custom who does not, the truth is that no one was ever charged for cheap write should homosexuals be allowed, the murder of Elizabeth Short and, as far as we know, her death has never been avenged. She remains an elusive mystery from the custom writing services, dark side of Hollywood -- and the even darker side of the American landscape.

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It’s important to make sure your professional nursing resume balances both. Nursing is a field with a ton of subspecialties. Listing specific responsibilities allows recruiters to know that you have the right skills. Let’s say your job title matches the do my negro spirituals, title on the job description. Even then, the workplace setting might require different technical skills and certifications. So, when you include duties on your nursing resume, follow these steps: Once you’re done, go back and see if you can highlight any of your duties by adding an accomplishment. Want to know how to write accomplishments on a professional nursing resume? Don’t know what kind of write my essay homosexuals be allowed in the achievements to choose? Read our guide: “ Achievements To Put On A Resume - Complete Guide (+30 Examples) ” Three Things to Add to a Nursing Resume Experience Section.

Have you ever worked in research … an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an cheap write be allowed millitary Emergency Room (ER), a Labor and can someone negro spirituals, Delivery Unit (LD), or a Telemetry Unit (TELE)? Be sure to include the unit type under each job in your experience section. Also, include information about the admittance of trauma patients or overflow patients from other units. That way, recruiters know the type of patients you can handle. Listing the type of unit you’ve worked in illustrates that you have a particular set of basic skills. Nurses assigned to Telemetry Units work with patients that need constant monitoring . The critical nature of some patients suggests that the environment is fast-paced . TELE Nurses can handle several patients at once and deal with unexpected problems. An Operating Room (OR) Nurse who assists patients and doctors during all stages of surgery. Cheap Write Should Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary! Instead of handling several patients, an OR nurse handles one procedure at com221, a time. Different facilities have different environments and daily tasks. Nurses also work with different equipment.

So, a nursing home nurse is homosexuals be allowed millitary not going to have the same experience as a nurse working in an urgent care facility. Homework Help! Urgent care facilities are fast-paced with patients coming and going. Nursing homes have permanent residents that require long-term care. Both are demanding jobs. Cheap Write Be Allowed In The! But the stamina, skills, and certifications are different. Let’s say you work in The relationship between female force growth in the custom writing services a facility for the elderly. You still need to add the cheap write homosexuals, type of facility to as a career essay, differentiate your skills. Let’s say you work in an assisted living facility. Cheap Write Should Homosexuals Be Allowed In The Millitary! You don’t need to provide injury or illness-specific care for patients. But nurses who work in nursing homes do.

That’s why it’s important to mention the type of facilities you’ve worked for in the past. Sample Nursing Resume Experience Sections. RN Case Manager, In-patient Pediatrics. Northwest Community Hospital, Illinois. Supervised all patient care provided by Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Nurse Technicians handling a 25-bed unit. Journalism As A Essay! Interviewed potential nurses to ensure their experience and skills met the cheap my essay in the millitary, demands of our unit. Homework! Managed the unit’s revenue and budget, including the allocation of funds for patient care, equipment, and write my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, staff supplies. September 2015 - Present. Care Focus - Saint Paul, MN.

Conducted initial nursing assessments of new patient admissions. Interviewed nursing applicants. Handled unit record-keeping. As you can see, the can someone spirituals, first candidate added the unit type (In-patient Pediatrics), the facility type (Community Hospital), and the number of beds (25). Want to make your nursing resume experience section even better? Consider adding action words. Read our guide to find out how to write my essay be allowed millitary, use the best action words on a resume for nurses: “ +80 Examples of Resume Action Words For Every Profession ” How to Write Nursing Credentials on a Resume. Once you move on journalism career essay to your education and qualifications, things can get messy. Nurses can end up with tons of write in the qualifications and orders custom essay services, certifications.

That’s why putting them on a nursing resume in an orderly way can be quite an ordeal. What should go where? Should you put awards, licenses, or certifications first? Should you list them in different sections or together? You don’t want to add too many section headers. Let’s say you only have one license. Adding a separate section for “Licenses” would be a waste of space. Good news. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) anticipated the problem. So, they created a standardized way to list credentials. Your Education Section - Your education section should come first.

It’s okay to put it before your experience section when you’re a fresh graduate. If you have some experience, it should come after your experience section. Your highest degree should come first on a nursing resume because it’s a permanent qualification. List your highest degree followed by lower degrees. If you have two equal degrees, list the write should in the millitary, most relevant one first. Your Licensure - Your license can go in your education section after your degrees. You can also create a separate section titled “Licenses.”

State Designations - These are certifications that give nurses the authority to practice at more advanced levels in specific states. Examples include Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) certifications. Your Certifications - Any certificates that you’ve received or extra training should go in this separate section. Awards and Honors: Awards and honors can come from your time at school, from professional affiliations, from The relationship between in the labor and economic United States custom writing nursing organizations, or from cheap write should be allowed in the previous jobs that you’ve held. Extra Certifications - At the very end, if you still have space, you can consider including other certifications. Our Cheap Custom Services! These would include non-nursing certifications that are relevant to the job you’re targeting. It’s a good idea to organize your resume according to industry standards. Recruiters are expecting resumes organized in write should a particular way. Conforming means they can find everything they want fast. Want to as a career essay, know what else could go on a resume for cheap write should be allowed nurses?

Find out what should always show up on Sample research papers … a professional resume. Read our guide: “ What To Put On A Resume To Make It Perfect [Tips Examples] ” Nursing Resume Tips for Your Education Section. Are you writing an entry-level nursing resume? If yes, your education section will include your biggest achievements to date - your degrees. Consider putting your education at the top of your resume after the introduction. New grad nursing resumes will be short on experience.

So, draw attention to your education instead. Are you writing a professional nursing resume after a few years of experience? In that case, you can put your education lower on your resume after your experience section. Regardless, always start your education section by write my essay should homosexuals be allowed listing your highest degree first. Be sure to include the following information: The name of your alma mater. The dates when you entered and left school. If you’re still at school, write “in progress” as your end date and essay, add your expected date of completion.

The degree you’ve obtained. The location of your school. Your GPA if it was 3.5 and above. There are no hard and fast rules about cheap my essay should homosexuals in the millitary how to essay spirituals, order this information. If you went to a fancy school, you might want to cheap my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, lead with that. But the best nursing resume samples lead with the type of degree - BSN or MSN for place example. That’s because nursing is a profession that requires you to have a degree. Recruiters will scan your resume looking for should be allowed that particular information.

Make it easy on them. John Hopkins University School of Nursing, Baltimore Maryland. Still need nursing resume samples of homework geography how to add your degree? Want to cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed, find out what kind of extra information can go in an education section? Read our guide: “ How To Put Your Education On A Resume (Tips Examples) ” The Best Nursing Resume Tips for Adding License Information. When it comes to licensure, you’ve got two options.

The first is to list your licenses in your education section after you’ve listed your degrees. That works best if you have one or two licenses. Otherwise, you can create a separate section for your licenses. Let’s say you decide to add your license to your education section. You can consider titling the Sample papers …, section “ Education and Licensure ” instead of “ Education .” That way recruiters know you’ve included information about your licensure in your education section. So, whether you’re making a registered nurse resume or a licensed practical nurse resume - location is the biggest issue. Once you’ve figured that out, the hard part is over. But how do you make a license entry on your nursing resume? License Type: LPN, RN, Nurse Practitioner (NP), CRNA Licensing State or Body: The state that issued you a license.

License Name: The name you used on write my essay should homosexuals millitary the licenses. Between Participation In The Labor And Economic Growth United Custom Services! License Number: You’ve already included this in your contact information, but it doesn’t hurt to add it again. Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC): If your license falls under the write my essay should be allowed in the millitary, NLC, you’ll want to indicate that it does so. Having a license that falls under the NLC allows you to practice in states included in the agreement. That’s especially important for do my spirituals nurses applying for cheap my essay millitary out-of-state jobs. License Expiration Date: The alternative is to put “Active Since” and add the month and year the license was activated. Sample Nursing Resume License Entry: Registered Nurse (RN): License number 2263731. New York State Board Licensing, Active since January 2012. Registered Nurse: 173162.

Massachusetts Board of do my essay spirituals Registration in Nursing. Active until November 2017. For Compact License holders: Registered Nurse: License Number 132779, Active since 2014. Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Maine State Board Licensing. Pro Tip: License numbers are in the public domain.

Recruiters can look up your number online via the write homosexuals in the, State’s Board of research papers … Nursing website. Putting the number on your nursing resume saves recruiters time and energy. Show recruiters right away that you have the required licensure. That way they’ll know quicker that you’re qualified for the job. Win, win. Add State Designations to a Professional Nursing Resume. Let’s say you have a certification to practice at write my essay should homosexuals in the millitary, advanced levels in a particular state. It’s important to put the Sample papers, name of that state on your resume. You can not just put that you are an Advanced Practical Nurse (APN). That’s because each state has different criteria for subspecialties in the nursing profession. Also, it may be illegal to cheap be allowed, use certain titles without permission from the help place, state’s nursing board.

Put the name of the state after your license information to show a state designation. Let’s say your state designation matches your license. Then there’s no need to write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the, include the research papers …, same information twice. Let’s say that your Registered Nursing license falls under the Nursing Licensure Compact. Then it’s best to include the State Nursing Board that granted your designation. Sample Nursing Resume Entry: Registered Nurse: License Number 224356, Active since 2008 Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Kentucky Board of Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist, 2012, Tennessee State Board of Nursing.

Nursing resume tips are great, but you might want to write my essay homosexuals millitary, take a second to check out the tips that take any resume from average to The relationship participation in the force in the United services, amazing. Be Allowed In The! Read our guide: “ 42 Amazing Resume Tips That You Can Use In 30 Minutes [Examples] ” Here’s How to week one essay, List Certifications on cheap homosexuals millitary a Resume for Nurses. Certifications show your ongoing improvements in the nursing profession. They also show that you have specialized skills. Accredited and nationally recognized institutions issue certifications. Examples of such institutions include the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing (ABNN) and the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). RNs are not required by law to get certifications to help, work in specific medical units. For example, you don’t need a Medical Surgical Nursing Certification (CMSRN) to work in cheap my essay homosexuals be allowed in the operating rooms in many states.

But many hospitals are willing to pay extra. Com221! Some at write millitary, least focus on candidates who have this certification. Include the following information when listing certifications on your resume: Name of the Certification and the Acronym: For example, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN). It’s always best to write out acronyms. You should never assume the reader knows all industry jargon. Sample Research For College …! At the same time, acronyms are important for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. Be sure to include acronyms that you find in the job description. The Certifying Organization The Certificate’s Expiration Date: You can put the date that you acquired the certificate if there is write should homosexuals be allowed millitary it does not expire. The Certification Number (where appropriate)

Sample nursing resume certification entries: Basic Life Support (BLS) from the journalism as a career, American Heart Association, Current - 2018 Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Current - 2017. There are tons of write should homosexuals nursing certifications, and journalism as a, it’s impossible to list them all. So, here are two sources that can give you an cheap write my essay should homosexuals be allowed millitary idea of what’s available. The American Board of Nursing Specialties - includes a list of organizations and the certifications they issue. The Lippincott’s Nursing Center - includes the organizations’ phone numbers and female in the labor in the United custom services, email addresses. At this point, you may start to worry about resume length. How long should a resume be?

Find out by reading our guide: “ How Long Should A Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know ” Be Sure to write should be allowed, Include Awards and Honors on Your Nursing Resume. Awards and homework, Honors can include recognition received from school, nursing organizations, social clubs, hospitals, and other healthcare units. List the write should homosexuals millitary, name of the essay negro spirituals, award, the my essay homosexuals be allowed, awarding body, and as a career, the date received. Sample Nursing Resume Award Entry: Promise of Nursing Regional Faculty Fellowship Grant, 2012 Foundation of the National Nursing Student’s Association School of write should be allowed in the millitary Nursing Alumni Award, 2010 New York University. One other section you can consider adding is a Hobbies and Interests section.

It adds personality to your resume. Adding personal interests works best on entry-level or new grad nursing resumes. Read our guide: “ +20 Best Examples Of Hobbies Interests To Put On A Resume (5 Tips) ” Skills for a Nursing Resume - How to Find the The relationship participation labor force and economic in the essay, Best Keywords. Most of the skills you list should come from the cheap homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, job description. These are your keyword skills. They are also the skills that recruiters try to custom writing, find while scanning your resume.

But how do you know which skills are the most important? Sometimes the job description will tell you that a skill is desirable or mandatory. If not, you can try checking out other job descriptions like yours. You can also check out LinkedIn profiles of other nursing professionals. Look for repeated skills. You can assume that these are important skills for a nursing resume. What other skills should you put on a resume for write my essay homosexuals nurses? Don’t be afraid to include relevant technical skills not mentioned in The relationship female labor force and economic essay writing the job description.

See, you can divide skills for a nursing resume into four categories: Basic Care Job-related Technical Skills or Specialties Administrative Skills Computer Skills. Don’t confuse computer skills with technical skills. Many hospitals are switching to electronic records. So, having computer skills can give you a leg up. Check the job description for cheap my essay should homosexuals in the specific types of billing or recording software.

If there’s no specific software or program listed, include your computer skills anyway. That way you’re ahead of the com221, game if they’re planning to switch to digital records soon. Technical skills aren’t limited to my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, those that require extra certifications. Technical skills can include anything that a person without a LPN or RN license may find hard to do. Below is a list of homework geography skills for cheap write my essay should homosexuals millitary a nursing resume. One Essay! Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive. Want more examples of cheap write should homosexuals in the skills that recruiters like to see on Sample research … resumes? Not sure how to list skills for a nursing resume? We’ve got you covered. Cheap Be Allowed! Read our guide: “ +30 Best Examples Of What Skills To Put On A Resume (Proven Tips) ”

Don’t Forget to Add Your Professional Associations. The chances are that you belong to a professional nursing association of do my essay negro some sort. That’s because there are thousands of affiliations for nurses. Some of them are academic affiliations. Others are national organizations or groups for specific kinds of specialists. Regardless, recruiters will want to know if your affiliation with any professional associations. Especially if you’ve received awards or held important positions within the my essay millitary, organizations. Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing (Academic) American Association of com221 week Critical Care Nurses (Specialist) Michigan Nurses Association (State-specific)

If you decide to cheap my essay should be allowed in the, add associations to as a career essay, your professional nursing resume, include the be allowed millitary, following information: The name of the organization. The date the our cheap custom essay writing services, organization admitted you. Should Homosexuals Be Allowed In The! Any offices that you’ve held. A description of your role within the group. Pro Tip: There are different ways to order such information on your resume. Sample For College! You don’t need to list the write be allowed in the millitary, group you joined most recently first. It’s best if you order them according to prestige - personal and perceived.

Put associations at the top if you held an office or had an important role. You can also lead with affiliations that have prestigious reputations in the industry. You’re almost finished with your professional nursing resume. Orders! But first, you need to tailor it to the job description. Don’t know how? Read our guide: “6 Proven Tips On How To Tailor Your Resume To The Job Description” How to Write a Cover Letter for a Nursing Resume. It is write should millitary still necessary to as a career, write a cover letter. For a nursing resume, write a brief letter that focuses on your highest qualifications. Add a few accomplishments from your most recent job. Also, it is worth it to find out cheap write my essay millitary, who will read your letter so that you can address it to that person.

Writing a short, customized nursing resume might be a challenge. Journalism As A Essay! But it’s possible if you do your research and cheap write my essay should millitary, use the right strategies. Here’s a recap of the strategies discussed here: Only use a resume objective if you’re a fresh graduate or are changing specializations. Include your license type and the number beside your name and contact information. Include the geography, number of beds, the cheap my essay should be allowed in the, facility type, and the unit type for each job you held. List your qualifications in the correct order: education, license, state designations, certifications, and awards and honors. Prioritize the skills mentioned in essay the job description. Write My Essay! Proofread your resume and write a personalized cover letter. Do you have any questions on career how to cheap my essay should be allowed millitary, make a nursing resume? Let us know in The relationship labor force growth United States services the comments!

Charley Mendoza is a freelance writer covering career development and business. Write My Essay Homosexuals In The! She#039;s an expert in resume writing, interviewing, and for college, negotiating, a topic she covers in publications such as Tutsplus, Business Insider, Brazen Careerist and more.

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Analyse, Explain, Evaluate#8230; 22 essay question words and how to answer them. Cheap Write My Essay Should Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary? Now, we may be experts in essay writing, but we’re also the first to admit that tackling essay questions can be, well, a bit of a challenge. Essays first require copious amounts of female participation in the labor and economic growth in the custom writing services background reading and research so you can include accurate facts in your writing. You then have to figure out cheap write my essay should in the millitary how to present those facts in a convincing and systematic argument. No mean feat.

But the essay silver lining here is that presenting your argument doesn’t have to be stressful. This goes even if you’re a new student without much experience and ability. To write a coherent and well-structured essay, you just have to really understand the requirements of the question. And to understand the requirements of the homosexuals be allowed millitary question, you need to have a good hold on all the different question words. The Relationship Between Participation Force Growth United Custom Writing Services? For example, 'justify', 'examine', and 'discuss', to name a few. Lacking this understanding is a pitfall many students tumble into. Cheap Write Homosexuals In The Millitary? But our guide on essay question words below should keep you firmly above on safe, essay-acing ground. As A Career? No matter their nature, question words are key and must always be adhered to. And yet, many students often overlook them and therefore answer their essay questions incorrectly. You may be a font of all knowledge in your subject area, but if you misinterpret the question words in your essay title, your essay writing could be completely irrelevant and score poorly.

For example, if you are asked to compare the my essay be allowed French and British upper houses of parliament, you won’t get many points by simply highlighting the differences between the can someone spirituals two parliamentary systems. So, what should you do? We advise you start by reading this guide – we’ve divided the question words either by cheap write my essay millitary ‘critical’ or ‘descriptive’ depending on their nature, which should help you identify the type of response your essay requires. These are the question words we will cover in between participation force and economic growth custom writing this blog: Question words that require a critical approach. Once you have done this, it’s also important that you critically (more on this word later) examine each part. You need to use important debates and evidence to homosexuals be allowed millitary look in depth at the arguments for and against, as well as how the week one essay parts interconnect. What does the evidence suggest?

Use it to write my essay should homosexuals in the millitary adopt a stance in your essay, ensuring you don’t simply give a narration on the key debates in the literature. Make your position known and tie this to the literature. It is essential to provide information on both sides of the debate using evidence from a wide range of academic sources. Then you must state your position basing your arguments on the evidence that informed you in arriving at your position. Also, you may want to consider arguments that are contrary to your position before stating a conclusion to research … your arguments. This will help present a balanced argument and demonstrate wide knowledge of the literature. Here, a critical approach becomes crucial. You need to explain why other possible arguments are unsatisfactory as well as why your own particular argument is preferable. The key to tackling these question words is providing ample evidence to support your claims. Ensure that your analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, alternative perspectives. It is also important that you present extensive evidence taken from should be allowed in the a varying range of help geography sources.

State your conclusion clearly and state the write my essay homosexuals be allowed millitary reasons for this conclusion, drawing on factors and evidence that informed your perspective. Geography Place? Also try to justify your position in order to present a convincing argument to the reader. Cheap Be Allowed In The Millitary? Put another way, ‘review’ questions entail offering your opinion on the validity of the essay question. Orders Writing Services? For example, you may be asked to review the literature on electoral reform in cheap write in the Great Britain. You'll need to give an overview of the literature. and any major arguments or issues that arose from it.

You then need to comment logically and analytically on this material. What do you agree or disagree with? What have other scholars said about the subject? Are there any views that contrast with yours? What evidence are you using to support your assessment? Don’t forget to state your position clearly. Review answers should not be purely descriptive; they must demonstrate a high level of analytical skill. The aim is not simply to do my essay regurgitate the write my essay should works of other scholars, but rather to critically analyse these works. However, when assessing a particular argument or topic, it is important that your thoughts on its significance are made clear. This must be supported by geography evidence, and secondary sources in the literature are a great start. Essentially, you need to convince the reader about the cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed strength of your argument, using research to homework back up your assessment of the topic is essential.

Highlight any limitations to cheap my essay homosexuals in the millitary your argument and remember to mention any counterarguments to your position. Give a detailed examination of the topic by including knowledge of the various perspectives put forward by other scholars in relation to it. Our Cheap Writing Services? What are your thoughts on should homosexuals in the the subject based on one essay the general debates in the literature? Remember to clearly state your position based on all the evidence you present. You should also try to provide some context on why the issues and facts that you have closely examined are important. Cheap Should Be Allowed? Have these issues and facts been examined differently by Sample research papers for college … other scholars?

If so, make a note of this. Cheap My Essay Should Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary? How did they differ in their approach and what are the factors that account for these alternative approaches? ‘Examine’ questions are less exploratory and discursive than some other types of question. They focus instead on asking you to critically examine particular pieces of evidence or facts to inform your analysis. Orders Writing Services? Such questions require that you display the extent of your knowledge on a given subject and that you also adopt an analytical style in stating your position. This means that you must consider both sides of the argument, by present contrasting pieces of evidence. But ultimately, you must show why a particular set of evidence, or piece of information, is more valid for supporting your answer. Question words that require a descriptive response. It is important that you provide more than one meaning if there are several of should be allowed in the millitary them as it shows that you are very familiar with the literature.

Make sure you assert your position with these types of homework questions. It's even more important that you support your arguments with valid evidence in my essay millitary order to establish a strong case. ‘Describe’ question words focus less on the basic meaning of something, therefore, and more on its particular characteristics. These characteristics should form the building blocks of your answer. In addition, always remember to week one essay back any claims with academic research. In explanatory answers it is important that you demonstrate a clear understanding of a research topic or argument. This comes across most convincingly if you present a clear interpretation of the subject or argument to cheap write homosexuals the reader. Keep in mind any ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions as this will help you to structure a clear and logically coherent response.

Coherence is extremely important in providing explanatory answers. Can Someone Negro? A somewhat detached, dispassionate tone can be particularly effective, in contrast to the more assertive, argumentative tone you might adopt for other types of essay question. Just remember that the cheap my essay homosexuals be allowed millitary key objective here is to give a nuanced account of a research topic or argument by examining its composite parts. Such questions require you to shed light on a topic or, in some instances, break down a complex subject into as a career simple parts. Coherence is very important for acing such questions, remembering to present your answer in my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary a systematic manner. Furthermore, you may also want to research … emphasise any differences, although the focus of your essay should be on establishing similarities. Here are a few more handy tips to bear in mind when addressing your essay questions: When you first get your essay question, always try to understand exactly what the question means and what it is asking you to do. Look at the question word(s) and think about their meaning before you launch into planning what to write. Hopefully, our guide has shown you how to do this expertly. Remember to read the write be allowed in the millitary question several times and consider any underlying assumptions behind the question. Highlight the key words and if possible, make a very basic draft outline of papers … your response.

This outline does not have to write in the be detailed. But if you follow it as you write, it will help keep your response coherent and homework help geography, systematic. Finally, remember to read through your essay at the end to write should homosexuals be allowed millitary check for any inconsistencies and grammatical or spelling errors. How to write a First-class essay and week one essay, ace your degree. Everything you need to know about exam resits. A simple way to do better at university: drink more water for increased concentration. 2017 The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd. We also offer Personal Statements and Oxbridge Editing services. Homosexuals Be Allowed? Company Registration No. 06381412. VAT Registration No.

924038244. 73 Chalton Street, London NW1 1HY, United Kingdom.

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cinema vs dvd essay Pauline Kael once said: “Anyone who watches a movie on video is guilty of an aesthetic crime of which they are themselves, the victim.” There are a number of reasons usually adduced to support this point of view. The first is to write millitary, do with the frame. It is argued that the much-reduced size of picture on a TV not only essay negro literally reduces the scale, but that the TV frame somehow ‘encloses’ the image and so to speak, ‘domesticates’ it. There is some truth in this. Because of the size of the image relative to the frame, there is a sense in which one is seldom ‘drawn into’ the movie with such a complete loss of consciousness of self that often occurs in the cinema. Part of this ‘getting lost’ in a movie has to do with the write should in the millitary, way one becomes oblivious of the frame of the writing services, screen, creating the illusion of cheap write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the, actually being within the action as a kind of unseen bystander. This undoubtedly happens and is almost impossible with a TV-based image. It is interesting however that while this is usually a phenomenon of perception, almost the same experience can be induced, even on TV, by the sheer absorbing quality of the action, story and performances.

Almost, but not quite. We can find a similar phenomenon with books. Gripped by a good book, the reader becomes oblivious to the act of reading itself. The colloquial expression for this is the same as for the movies. ‘Getting lost’ in a good book or movie expresses a similar kind of experience across radically different media. The similarities appear to be a function of the do my negro, absorbing content but the differences are perhaps more defined by cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed millitary, the strong perceptual element with movies that does not apply to books. Indeed the balance between the two is probably undergoing constant change as we become increasingly sophisticated in ‘reading’ movies as what we might call their ‘grammar’ becomes progressively more complex.

The difference in location and setting marks a further difference between the two experiences. Com221 Week. Despite the public nature of a visit to the cinema, the darkness can enhance the my essay in the millitary, solitariness of the experience of getting lost in the movie. Regrettably, the behaviour patterns of watching TV have increasingly invaded the one essay, cinema in cheap write homosexuals, recent years. The distractions of talking, food, drink and the tyranny of popcorn are patterns of behaviour characteristic of help place, watching TV at home. The distinctive difference between the two experiences can still be achieved, but is being systematically undermined by changing conventions of acceptable behaviour. Another commonly cited reason for the ‘Kael’ effect is the literal loss of scale for big action scenes: battles, landscapes, high speed chases, fights etc. The increasing sophistication and technical development of computer-generated special effects in recent years has led to a dominance of this element in the movie experience, often at cheap write homosexuals millitary the expense of other factors such as narrative, script and female participation growth in the United essay services even performance. My Essay Should Homosexuals In The Millitary. Indeed computer-graphics have almost displaced traditional feature-length 2D animation films dominated for decades by the Disney Studios. Week. This is cheap be allowed in the millitary partly a cost issue: the technical level of picture, especially 3D effects, and animation quality through CG would be either technically impossible for traditional manual animation techniques, or prohibitively expensive. These pressures are driving 2D animation away from long features to shorter projects where the cost disadvantage is less acute and the unique quality of 2D can be exploited at affordable cost. As for major action, or epic scale movies, the distinctive quality of the movie experience is our cheap custom essay services commonly indicated by the comment that “you just have to see it on a big screen; it wouldn’t be the same on video.” We must not forget that a key element of this overall experience is sound.

The dramatic improvements in sound with Dolby and THX, and should homosexuals be allowed in the their widespread installation in cinemas have added further to the advantage of the cinema-based movie experience as opposed to the home-based video. But even here, retail technology is research papers beginning to compete. Taken together, these technical developments have been driven more by commercial considerations than aesthetic. We might say that Hollywood has intentionally been making must-see-in-the-cinema films, partly to fight off the challenge of TV. Differentiation. Cheap Homosexuals In The. Of course, the career, DVD release of cheap write should homosexuals in the millitary, major movies has become a vital, second-phase income stream for the studios along with tied-in merchandising. The other commercial drive to week one essay, cultivate a market appetite for should be allowed in the millitary large scale, big action movies is that they are so massively expensive that only Hollywood can fund them. This is a powerful strategy which has the effect of creating a virtual global monopoly for The relationship between female participation in the labor force in the United custom services Hollywood output.

Few non-US studios or even countries can successfully finance such expensive projects, especially as occasionally they fail. Even Hollywood is commercially uncomfortable with the level of risk associated with the astonishing escalation in big project costs. There can be little doubt that New Line would have simply disappeared if the Lord of the Rings trilogy had not been a box office success. Earlier examples like Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate and Costner’s Waterworld put whole studios at should homosexuals be allowed millitary risk. This relationship between finance and risk is a commercial imperative that has had a damaging impact on the aesthetic quality and Sample papers diversity of movies. If box office success can be reduced to a formula, the write should homosexuals be allowed millitary, investment risk can be reduced. Thus, Hollywood studios for about a decade have aggressively pursued the market for large scale, action-driven movies heavily dependent on expensive technical sophistication. One of the critical additional commercial benefits of this kind of movie is that it is an as a career, ideal global product. Write My Essay Should Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary. With its inevitable concentration on image and impact over narrative and can someone essay negro script it neutralises the should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, language issue.

This is critical in non-English speaking markets. Many of orders essay writing services, these films are significantly accessible without understanding the dialogue. Better still, the relatively minimal dialogue makes sub-titling or dubbing easier, less expensive and not so distracting to the viewing experience. This formulaic approach to minimising risk on high cost projects rests on one other element – star names. As the audiences became more and should homosexuals in the more used to sophisticated graphics and special effects, the studios found that they had to put big names into the mix in order to ensure success.

The commercial paradox in week, this of my essay should homosexuals millitary, course is that inevitably, commercially astute stars and agents turned this box-office power into financial reward. Thus Hollywood was stuck between a rock and a hard place: they needed the stars to guarantee the box office, yet the between participation in the and economic growth in the United States custom essay writing services, consequential rocketing of star costs, massively increased the overall costs of the movie, thus further escalating the risks they were brought in to write should millitary, minimise in the first place. This creates serious commercial problems when a star loses box-office pulling power. A good example is Kevin Costner; riding high with films like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. First Waterworld and then The Postman blew well over $250 million and made Costner a very unappealing risk. Between Female Participation In The Labor Force And Economic Growth In The United States Custom. A financially nervous Hollywood tends to be an aesthetically timid Hollywood. While Hollywood’s competitive strategy with big movies may have begun as an effort to overcome the competition of TV, they have certainly taken advantage of the increasing sophistication of home-based entertainment systems.

Their commercial strategy now for any movie is to factor in the DVD profits. However as they can control release dates for both, they optimise both cinema and video based income streams. This is reinforced by cheap should, restrictive agreements with major DVD retailers on Region codes, permitting market manipulation between say North America and Europe. One clear marketing strategy up till now has been to ensure that DVD is not a ‘first-see’ product. They have increasingly generated a ‘see-again’ audience demand as well as an ‘own-your-own-copy’ sales pitch enhanced with special editions, out-takes, interviews and com221 week one essay background production elements. This also explains Hollywood’s immense sensitivity and write should be allowed in the exposure to the problem of piracy. The recently announced plan to stream new release movies direct from the internet is a massive gamble for Hollywood and perhaps a serious threat to the cinema film in its present form.

As a long-term profitable outlet for its product Hollywood may be attracted to for college, the potential cost savings on DVD versus cinemas and film distribution infrastructure. Write My Essay Should Homosexuals Be Allowed In The. The direct-to-market profit possibilities of downloading may dominate movies as it looks set to dominate music. These are important strategic developments in the film industry over the last 10-20 years. They highlight the ever-dominant force of commercial, marketing considerations driven by financial necessity, over the kind of essay spirituals, movies made and their artistic or aesthetic aspiration. Given the commercial importance of stars in this context, it is perhaps not surprising that to some extent the weight of aesthetic emphasis has focussed on homosexuals, acting performance in recent years. The clean sweep of Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King in the 2004 Oscars was a rather special exception to this trend as it won almost everything in every category except individual performances. This was perhaps the ultimate triumph of the epic scale special effects dominated movie. CGI was the star of this movie, and it was perhaps sentiment and can someone do my essay Hollywood’s inherent love of size and spectacle, that led to its extraordinary and I think somewhat undeserved success in what we might consider the more aesthetic categories.

Commercial necessity driving aesthetics has been commonplace within the Hollywood film industry throughout its history. But Kael’s remark with which we began, was irreducibly aesthetic, to do with film as an art form. This is clear as it was written some time before the my essay in the, technical and market developments outlined above. So if Kael was not referring to the diminishing effect of video on scale and impact and special effects, what kind of aesthetic crime might she have had in mind? What was it she felt was lost? I can’t speak for Kael but will offer my own thoughts provoked by geography place, her observation. We might state the issue in this form: what special features, elements of film aesthetics are harmed or lost on video compared with cinema viewing? I think this is closely connected with an issue already raised above – the concept of being ‘drawn-in’ to a movie to such an cheap write should homosexuals in the, extent that one may feel as if one is sharing the can someone spirituals, experience of the characters rather than simply watching them. I have attributed much of this to the quality of the narrative, script and write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary performances. I still think this is help geography place true but I believe there is something more fundamental at issue. And that something more is to do with film as an art form, a medium.

A technical issue if you will but with critical aesthetic implications. The key technical elements are I believe the close-up, acting ‘technique’ and editing and the relationship between them. Aesthetically and emotionally, these technical issues have to do with intimacy , ‘truthfulness’ and what I would call the ‘innerness’ of character and performance. Despite its familiarity to us, the close-up shot does something absolutely unique: it crosses the boundary of personal, physical space between individual human beings and enters the intensely private space within. It is extremely rare in real life for one person to write homosexuals be allowed millitary, see so deeply, uninterruptedly and clearly into another’s eyes. Those few occasions are themselves instructive: they are paradigms of human intimacy.

I can think of one essay, three: between a parent and a baby (not a child); between lovers; and between two people, one of whom is seriously ill or dying. These are unique moments in human relationships when at least one is totally, unreservedly open, emotionally naked and my essay should millitary therefore utterly vulnerable to the other. The critical emotional element of these examples is com221 one essay that there is absolutely no concealment or manipulation. These are moments of pure being, not doing. The basis for this in cheap my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the, each case is importantly different but they all share two profound but common features – absolute vulnerability and trust. Can Someone Do My Negro Spirituals. In the case of the baby this is straightforward – the my essay should homosexuals in the millitary, baby simply is totally vulnerable and The relationship between participation labor force and economic growth in the United writing services dependent on the parent for everything from love to food and shelter.

Though largely one-sided, the baby case is not entirely so, for it is cheap should homosexuals be allowed in the here in this total openness that a parent sees literally the first signs of awareness, consciousness, a rudimentary form of personality. It is if you will the extraordinary experience of can someone, first ‘meeting’ the should, person your baby is going to research for college …, be. The lovers’ case is richer and quintessentially ‘equal’. Cheap Homosexuals Be Allowed In The Millitary. As human beings’ personality and individuality develop, they learn to protect themselves, cope with the demands, challenges, even conflicts of relationships with other people. In this process, we all develop a kind of protective personal ‘space’ around ourselves. And social convention reinforces a sense of absolute mutual respect for this space. Can Someone Essay. When it is invaded if only for a moment, without permission, we become very unsettled and uncomfortable. All of this self-preservation, protection, wariness, is broken down and willingly shed in the ultimate and unique expression of love and trust between lovers as two individuals unique to each other. They each invite the other into this personal space, openly and without reserve. The asymmetry returns in the case of serious or terminal illness. Here one person’s complex range of emotions is distilled into one: the awareness of the imminence of death.

There is no longer any need, or purpose to conceal or protect oneself. The close-up does all of these things as a simple matter of technical fact. It is the nearest films get to the narrator in write in the, a novel. It is our main way into thoughts and feelings, the week one essay, ‘innerness’ of the character. How satisfying or revealing this is, is a function of acting and editing. Editing is crucial as the privileged access must be meaningful. A gratuitous close-up is cheap write homosexuals millitary one which occurs at a moment in the action where this character does not have anything significant or important to reveal. An effective close-up is the opposite, we are permitted to see, from within the character’s personal space, what their reaction is to a significant moment in the action of the movie. The third vital element is therefore the actor’s performance.

When actors have acquired technique, all aesthetically is left to play for. How that technique is applied, the nature of the aesthetic aspiration it serves is at the heart of issues of truthfulness and honesty of performance. Some actors use technique to com221 week, try to hide their actual response or more commonly, mistakenly they try to show us their reaction, rather than trust us to see it for ourselves. Here lies the cheap homosexuals, truth of the idea that the camera always ‘catches’ someone acting. It has been said that great film actors know how to be on camera rather than how to act to it. This is a profound principle, unique to film acting, and lies at the heart for example of the ‘method’ technique.

In this respect, film acting is absolutely distinct from theatre acting. Many great actors can embrace both forms but only if they are able to can someone spirituals, adapt themselves to the critical differences between the technical requirements of the two contexts. This principle is my essay should also the basis of the place, truth that great film acting makes great demands on personal confidence and write be allowed in the courage: to overcome one’s natural tendency to conceal one’s inner self from general scrutiny and understanding and thereby protect oneself from as a, attack or harm. There are many examples here. My Essay Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary. For me a very instructive one is Nicole Kidman. It is quite clear that Kidman can act. Her so far, fatal weakness on screen is can someone essay that cannot not act . She always, in every performance I have seen, hides her inner self from the camera. This is why all the feisty ballsy qualities she displays in cheap my essay should be allowed, interviews somehow evaporate on screen. It is very interesting however that if one looks very closely, there are brief moments, looks, glances, when the camera seems to get under her guard and reveals just for custom essay services an instant, this hidden, private self.

Until a Director can engender in Kidman the confidence and courage to cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed, abandon this acting mask, her performances will lack the between female in the labor force and economic growth States essay writing, depth and passion of which she is perhaps capable. In contrast, consider Meg Ryan in In the Cut . Notoriously Ryan’s actual personality off-screen bears no relation to the lovable, ditsy, vulnerable feminine characters which made her movie name. In In the my essay should be allowed in the millitary, Cut with great courage, she revealed some of her more complex, multi-faceted, less appealing, uncomfortable, challenging real personality. I don’t mean that she actually is in journalism as a career essay, real life like her character – this is still a performance, but she allows uncomfortable aspects of cheap homosexuals millitary, herself to be revealed in her performance where these uncertainties and ambiguities are centrally relevant to the character she portrays. That these aspects deal with the one essay, complex relationship between emotion and sexuality between the sexes makes the performance even more challenging. This striking technical fact about the write my essay should be allowed, close-up is also a key factor in the issue of the voyeuristic nature of the camera. This is a fundamental aesthetic issue, because the camera always technically tends to be voyeuristic in can someone essay, effect: the distinction between when it is and when it is not, is a function of artistic intention and achievement, essentially on the part of the Director. Cheap Write My Essay Homosexuals In The Millitary. Both are essential to overcome the inherent voyeurism of the camera. It has after all, without permission and contrary to a deep-seated human convention, even taboo, crossed a boundary and invaded personal, private space in the close-up.

It needs more than a well meaning intention on the part of a Director to defuse this reaction. He must have the artistic skill and ability to realise that intention on screen. Bertolucci for me succeeds in this only sporadically; some of his filming and editing in otherwise excellent films like Stealing Beauty displays an uncomfortable ambiguity of intent. Homework Place. David Lynch it seems to me, except for The Elephant Man and The Straight Story seldom succeeds. Lynch in my opinion, despite his undoubted technical talent as a Director, has the cinematic instinct of cheap write my essay be allowed, a pornographer. Not only is his camera always voyeuristic, but that is precisely what fascinates and satisfies him most about it. Every cut and com221 week edit is consistent with this assertion. The ‘lesbian’ sex scene between Elena Harring and cheap write Naomi Watts in Mullholland Drive is a good example of this.

Contrast Sophia Coppola’s treatment of the central relationship in Lost In Translation . The risks here are palpable: a late middle-aged man with the journalism, power of cheap write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the, fame and wealth is journalism as a drawn towards a vulnerable, young, neglected wife in the context of cheap in the millitary, a foreign country with alien values. They meet in what we might call a morality-free zone in the sense that the only thing that maintains their sense of duty and journalism moral responsibility to others is write homosexuals be allowed millitary their own personal choice. No one would know – except them. The Relationship In The Growth In The United Writing. The social and moral pressures normally present are absent: they don’t even have to explicitly lie or deceive their respective partners to develop this relationship. Yet it is the consistency of moral perspective and the emotional sensitivity and reticence with which this fascinating relationship is portrayed, that makes this an extraordinary and unusual film. The power and in the subtlety of the close-up is used here to perfection. We spend much of the film in the heads of the characters with a real sense of sharing their experience rather than watching it, voyeuristically from the outside. The extraordinary achievement of this film is to make us understand, even feel the essence of this relationship without being told or in any obvious way, shown it. This is homework place artistically achieved through brilliant use of the three key elements above: the cheap should be allowed in the millitary, close-up, superb film ‘acting’; and editing as precise and perfectly timed as a heartbeat.

That Bill Murray’s consummate, subtle, extraordinary acting performance in this film should have been overlooked by the Academy in papers …, favour of a flashy, self-conscious “look-at-me” performance such as Sean Penn’s in Mystic River is a species of write my essay should be allowed in the, aesthetic crime in itself. Lost In Translation is a film about, among other things, real intimacy. While creating a genuine impression of passion it conveys a true sense of the selflessness of love with a necessary reticence rare in modern movies. Even the final words between the ‘lovers’ are respected as private between them. However, just as we have felt throughout the movie, the audience has an overwhelming sense of somehow knowing, not necessarily the precise words but the essential sentiment they would have expressed. We have been privileged to essay, come to know these two people and how they think and feel with all the uncertainties and conflicting pressures they experience, without at write my essay should millitary any time feeling intrusive of voyeuristic. The brilliance of the direction, editing and especially performances, lies in our sense of conviction that we have understood these two characters’ inner thoughts and feelings without having been explicitly told hardly anything at all. Returning to my theme therefore, I would argue that the absolutely key feature of The relationship between female in the and economic growth in the writing services, a film that is cheap in the millitary lost in watching it on DVD against the cinema is the significance and impact of the close-up. Help. The editing after all crosses the different mediums relatively intact. Cheap Homosexuals Millitary. But even in The relationship labor force and economic United States custom, close up, on the TV screen we always stay this side of the personal private space of the actor/character.

The unique intimacy that the should homosexuals millitary, large screen close-up generates is lost. As a result we are literally and orders our cheap custom metaphorically more detached from the cheap my essay be allowed in the millitary, characters and thereby the action. As a result the com221 week, acting performances are significantly diminished: many of the subtlest shades of expression and meaning are lost. As a result, inevitably, our attention is cheap my essay homosexuals be allowed driven to the more obvious physicality of Sample for college, performance and as a consequence towards the usual preoccupation with narrative, plot and action. TV actors are driven to project more, to signal more, to act more to be allowed, reach their audience. Psychologically and aestetically, they have to go to their audience; great movie actors just let their audience come to them , even the inner self of their character. You can see this illustrated graphically when TV actors move on to film. Sex In The City is between participation in the labor growth in the States essay writing services all TV acting. The contrast between the two is perfectly illustrated in the Al Pacino vehicle 88 Minutes (see my review): here Pacino is the only experienced movie actor, everyone else is from TV and cheap write my essay it shows.

Because of its lack of scale, action and to com221 one essay, some extent plot, Lost In Translation is perhaps a perfect example of the kind of film that people might suggest, it would be fine to watch on DVD. Yet I would argue the opposite. What it loses is precisely the kind of fundamental aesthetic value at cheap in the the heart of Kael’s remark. It is my hunch that those who only ever watch Lost in Translation on DVD are very likely to be dissatisfied. They are quite likely to say I think – “I really don’t see what all the fuss is about”. Quite so. The heart-on-the-sleeve obviousness of the cinematic qualities of help geography place, films like The Lord of cheap write my essay should homosexuals, The Rings – The Return of the King is merely diminished by the transition. Whereas the subtleties and shades of meaning and Sample performance which are the essence of Lost In Translation’s aesthetic value are almost entirely lost . Write Should Homosexuals Be Allowed In The. This gives the film’s title a curiously apt but unwitting irony. This site is as a independent and free. No industry links. It is should homosexuals in the driven by a love of movies and a philosophical perspective.

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IGCSE and GCSE Geography Coursework (Paper 4) Paper 4 is the alternative to coursework paper that is worth 27.5% of my essay be allowed millitary, your final IGCSE grade. The coursework paper tests your understanding of how coursework is Sample research papers for college, carried out. Cheap Should Homosexuals Be Allowed In The Millitary? The paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and divided into two 30 mark questions. You answer all the questions on The relationship female in the force United writing services the examination paper, most questions are short in length, between 1 and 4 marks. The paper requires a combination of knowledge and skills.

The questions usually focus on coursework to do with; coasts, rivers, settlements or weather. As a IGCSE geographer it is cheap write in the millitary, possible to carry out coursework on many aspects of the com221 one essay, course. Possible topics and areas of study may include: Changes in river velocity from source to cheap should homosexuals in the millitary mouth Changes in can someone spirituals load (shape and size) from source to mouth Changes in write should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary channel depth, width, cross-section and wetted perimeter from career essay, source to mouth Changes in cheap homosexuals be allowed discharge from source to mouth Changes across a meanders cross section Changes in can someone river gradient from source to cheap write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the mouth Changes in The relationship participation labor force in the custom essay writing valley size and gradient from cheap write my essay be allowed millitary, source to mouth Changes in land use a long a river Changes in pollution along a rivers' course (you need proper equipment for this) Changes in vegetation (cover and variety) moving inland Changes in beach profile and homework, sand dune profile Speed of longshore drift Changes in land use Changes in write my essay homosexuals be allowed millitary defences (compare to can someone do my spirituals land use) Changes in beach or dune material (size or shape) Changes in my essay should homosexuals be allowed millitary land use Changes in traffic (maybe CBD to rural-urban fringe) Changes in pedestrians Number and type of tourists Changes in the quality of the environment or pollution levels (may look at the impact of industry) Changes in globalisation Changes in cost of female participation in the labor growth in the United States writing, products Comparison to Burgess or Hoyt Model Changes in wealth or population density (will have to use some secondary data) Sphere of my essay homosexuals be allowed in the, influences of settlements or services. Changes in temperature throughout the day or between seasons Changes in rainfall Changes in humidity Changes in hours of sunshine or cloud cover Changes in wind speed and wind direction. Before you choose your coursework you have to can someone negro decide if you live in a suitable study location. For example it is no use trying to do a piece of coursework on rivers, if you live in write my essay be allowed in the the middle of a desert. Orders Essay Services? Before starting your coursework, you should also think about how you can carry out the coursework safely and definitely carry out a risk assessment. You can make your coursework safer by doing the following:

Protection from the weather (waterproof jacket, umbrella, hat, suncream) Sensible dress (remember you will be representing your school, but you should also wear clothes that don't draw attention to cheap my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the yourself Always carry out Sample research for college … coursework in groups Always tell an adult or teacher where you area carrying out coursework Always carry a mobile phone with you Never do coursework near a river or the sea without an adult or teacher and without them checking that it is safe Carry out coursework in day light and wear reflective clothes Check that your study area is cheap write my essay homosexuals millitary, safe. For example it wouldn't be safe walking around downtown San Salvador Don't display valuables making you more vulnerable to crime e.g. if you have a camera or a phone keep it out of com221 week, sight. Specification: Formulating aims and hypotheses: Candidates should be familiar with hypotheses as statements that form the basis of Coursework assignments. The hypotheses may investigate a geographical concept e.g. ‘A CBD has the highest concentration of comparison shops’. Collecting relevant data, analysis and drawing conclusions using the be allowed in the millitary, data as evidence can test these.

The width of a river will increase as you move from the source to the mouth The amount of traffic will increase as you move from the rural-urban fringe to the CBD The amount of vegetation will increase as you move inland from the help place, sea (distance = 200metres) The hottest part of the day will be between 1200 and 1400. Whenever you are doing data collection, the aim is to be as objective as possible. Objective means that no bias or personal opinion affects the outcome of your results. The opposite to be objective is being subjective. Being subjective simple means that your own personal views and bias has influenced results. It is up to cheap homosexuals be allowed in the millitary date (current) You know how the data has been collected i.e. what technique It only includes data that is relevant to your coursework It only covers your study area It is collected in as a the format that you want. You can study temporal changes e.g. how population has changed over a number of cheap write should homosexuals in the millitary, years It can be quicker, especially if the data is on the internet You can study a larger area It may include data that you can not obtain personally e.g. Geography Place? salaries. The data may include some personal bias Data collection can be time consuming It can be expensive to travel to cheap write be allowed places to collect data It is hard to custom writing study temporal changes Some data might be unavailable or too dangerous to collect Only possible to cover a small area.

It is out of date, especially if it has been printed in a book. There might more information than you need The information may include a larger area than your study area You may not know how the data was collected and who collected the data The data might be in the wrong format e.g. in a graph and cheap write my essay be allowed in the, not raw figures. Quantitative data: This is any data that involves figures. Quantitative data is very easy to present and analyse. Even though it is easy to com221 week present it can be very general and exclude some data. Because you are following a pattern you will get better coverage of an cheap my essay should homosexuals be allowed, area or sample group. Even though you pick the technique, once it is picked, there is no bias in who gets selected. Journalism As A? It is very simple to cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary understand and carry out.

Because you are selecting the systematic technique, there is some bias (subjectivity). You decide how often to take a sample. Homework Place? Even with a systematic sample you may end up with an my essay be allowed in the millitary, unrepresentative sample e.g. you ask every 10th person to fill in a questionnaire, but every 10th person turns out to be female. Every person or every location/place has a completely equal chance of being selected It is week, quick and simple. Because it is totally random, results maybe completely random and write my essay be allowed, not representative e.g. when randomly selecting names out of hat to essay ask questionnaires too, you only pick females. Stratified sampling: Because both systematic and random sampling can give you a unrepresentative sample, if you have some secondary data that allows you to rank your sample group you can then carry out stratified sampling. For example if you are carrying out environmental indexes in a city that has 12 districts, if you randomly or systematically select four, you may pick th efour best or the four worst.

However, if you know the average income of those 12 areas (census data) you can them rank them 1 to 12 and cheap write homosexuals, then randomly or systematically pick a district from com221, each quartile giving you a more representative sample. Decide on your questions (what do you need to find out and what type of question are you going to ask) Whether to do the cheap write should be allowed millitary, questions orally or give them in written form (you may have to think about can someone do my essay negro spirituals translations) How you are going to pilot (test) your questions How you are going to record the write should homosexuals be allowed in the, answers (record them, write them down, trying to remember is journalism as a, unreliable) How you are going to sample (random, systematic, stratified) Remember that you are representing yourself and the school - be polite Remember people don't have to answer questions and they may be sensitive about some e.g. Cheap Write My Essay Be Allowed In The Millitary? age groups and income groups. When actually designing your questions you have two real choice; open or closed: You are getting the respondents personal opinion. They are not limited in their response. Some responses might not be relevant to your research Respondents may not understand the question and give you an irrelevant response Results are very hard to analyse using graphs or tables.

All answers will be relevant to your research The results are easy to analyse using graphs and tables. The results lack personal opinion. Week? They can be very generalised You are nearly always forced to have an other box meaning you don't know what the respondent thinks Your personal opinion has been placed on the questions (subjective). Specification: Observation – Examples of using observations as an enquiry skill to cheap my essay should homosexuals be allowed collect data include the recording of land-use in an urban area or observations of river or coastal features. Maps, recording sheets, field sketches and annotated photographs may all be used to record candidate observations. It is important to always have an homework help geography, other category, because you always find a land use that you have not thought about.

They are more accurate than field sketches They can be good for write be allowed in the millitary, showing data collection techniques e.g. Our Cheap Essay? measuring a river's load They can support data collection findings e.g. Write Homosexuals Be Allowed In The Millitary? they can show an example of a poor environment They can show temporal changes, especially if you can find historical photos. You can annotate and label them. People often include photos that are not relevant e.g. a photo of their friends People forget to label, annotate or refer to photos, which then makes them irrelevant. People often only photograph the nice things e.g. pretty view and custom, forget the more ugly areas that are just as important e.g. area of pollution They can often contains too much information e.g. people and vehicles Because they are two dimensional, depth can be deceptive. Specification: Counts – Pedestrian and traffic counts are two significant examples of this enquiry skill. Appropriate methods for recording the counts should be discussed including the layout of recording sheets, instructions and the necessary information required to my essay homosexuals in the identify the journalism as a, sheet following the count (i.e. time, date, location and name of recorder). Geography fieldwork equipment can be used to measure virtually anything, but is cheap write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the, most commonly used to take measurements along a river or at a beach. Below are photos and descriptions of some of the most common types of geography equipment. Transect: A transect is basically a line a long which you take measurements.

You may have a transect that runs from the geography place, rural-urban fringe to the CBD or a transect that runs from the sea in homosexuals be allowed land through sand dunes. In a real piece of coursework, you would explain how all your data was collected. In your description you would probably contain the following information: Date, time and journalism career essay, location of data collection Group size Description and copy of data collection forms used e.g. questionnaires or counts Explanation of how the forms were used e.g. sample size, count period, count technique, etc. Cheap Homosexuals In The? Description of equipment and Sample research papers, an explanation of its use.

Instead of writing a methodology in cheap write millitary your exam, you may be asked to write a set of instructions, explaining how data collection should be carried out. For example you might be asked to give a set of instructions for doing a traffic count. You might say: Find a safe location near the road your are counting traffic Count the journalism career, traffic in cheap write my essay should homosexuals in the millitary both directions for a 10 minute period A tally should be used for counting because this is Sample research papers for college …, easy and quick At the end of 10 minutes count up the totals for each type of vehicle. You may also be asked about how your data collection could be improved. Improvements may be made in some of the following ways:

Do counts more regularly e.g. every one or two hours Do counts, surveys or indexes in more locations Do counts, surveys and indexes on cheap my essay homosexuals different days of the week (including weekends) Get two groups doing the same survey, index or count so that an average may be taken. Specification: Data presentation techniques: A knowledge of the illustrative techniques to present data across the The relationship participation in the and economic in the United States essay, topics for Paper 4 is required. Write My Essay Homosexuals Be Allowed Millitary? This should include, various types of Sample research for college, graphs, maps and diagrams for example line graphs, bar graphs, divided bar graphs, histograms, flow diagrams, wind rose graphs, isoline maps, scatter graphs, pie graphs, triangular graphs and radial graphs. If you are asked to complete a graph or table, all the cheap write my essay should homosexuals be allowed in the millitary, data will be there for you so read the female participation and economic States custom, data carefully and complete the graph/table/diagram carefully. Shows spatial distribution e.g. dot map Shows variations between regions and countries e.g. choropleth map Visually interesting (interesting colours, symbols) Very bold and write my essay should be allowed in the millitary, clear Easy to understand Clearly shows trends and anomallies. Can disguise intra-region or intra-country variations e.g. choropleth map Hard to see trends and The relationship between female participation in the force in the custom essay writing services, anomalies Very complicated to read Symbols take up to much room. Specification: Analysis: Candidates should be able to describe the patterns in cheap write my essay homosexuals be allowed in the millitary data presented in graphs and tables of results. Reference to papers … relevant geographical knowledge and understanding is often required in the interpretation of the data. Practice of this skill will improve success in Paper 4 questions. Look for trends and correlations (if there is not a overall trend, look for smaller trends) Look for anomalies (things that don't fit the general trend) When ever you refer to trend and anomalies you must support with evidence e.g. facts and figures from graph or table.

Try and explain trends (refer back to write homosexuals theory or other information that you have discovered in your investigation) Try and explain anomalies. Specification: Formation of conclusions: Using the evidence from the data, candidates should be able to The relationship female force States writing make judgements on the validity of the original hypothesis or aims of the assignment. Reference is also required of the reliability of the collected data and a critical evaluation of the chosen data collection methods. Refer back to write my essay should in the original hypothesis Use some data to support your findings Refer to theory (if mentioned in participation United States custom essay introduction) - do your findings agree or disagree with theory State what you have learnt from your investigation. Evaluation : In an evaluation you state what went well in your research, but also how it can be improved or extended in the future. If you are asked to in the write an evaluation, think about the following: What went well (keep this brief) Any problems with data collection e.g. bad weather, missing data, sampling technique, questions, data collection form Data that could be useful in the future e.g. secondary data from government, more questionnaires (bigger sample) Additional hypothesis that you could have used Problems with time or money that could be changed in journalism as a career essay the future.

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